Wagging Tail-283

I might have to consult experts as this is getting beyond a joke.

We had to get the big car serviced today as every imaginable light was coming on. Check this thing, check that thing, check the other thing if you don’t act immediately this thing is going to STOP!

So we dropped it off first thing this morning and then we were stuck at home waiting.

Now this time could have been used to walk or snooze or eat or a combination of the same. No way!

Herself brought the garage horde inside and started sorting.

There wasn’t room to move and it went on for SIX and One Half Hours!!!! During which herself was binge watching some hateful program call the Borgias.

The bro even pretended I was being prepared for sale!

I felt like running for the hills. It was incredibly boring.

At the end of the day, that would be episode five of the dreaded medieval monsters the sofa was once again my own.

The car was fixed, all instruments calibrated and $500 paid out. Of course you know who got it, the bro and Ma and me got landed with the banger as usual.

Blessing # 984 – Resets

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