Wagging Tail- 291

Yesterday we were talking about snow flakes and how it’s impossible to take a photo of them falling.

Well guess what? We went to our woods today and there was a story all about photographing snowflakes!

These stories are a really cool thing that the parks department do in our area. They put little boards with pictures of the tale for parents to read to their kids as they walk along. My Mom reads them to me.

Today’s was Snowflake Bentley. It is about a real person who was obsessed with snow.

We thought that this was a modern problem but seems Snowflakes Bentley mastered the art.

It was his life’s work and he even had to make a huge camera to do the deed.

We didn’t see a flake fall today just a lot of ice.

That’s easier to capture. Even we can handle it.

Blessings # 992 – Persistance

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