Wagging Tail- 290

Numbers don’t matter that much to me at all unless they relate to snacks then I can count real good!

Sometimes, especially at tea time we play one for you and one for me with our cookies. I get little bits Ma and Pa get whole ones.

When the lid is back on the box the game is over. No more till tomorrow about the time the little hand is at three

There are other numbers that are related to things we own. One day they are up the next they’re down. Ma would like them to go up though!

Numbers like those in my bro’s car always go in that direction. They just climbed on the clock to 150000. Ma couldn’t get the roll over exactly but you get the picture! She’d like them to stop but knows they won’t.

Today we were cleaning one of her treasures, a little horse. We thought it was grey until we took the toothbrush to it and discovered it was white. You can’t count the dirt but now you can count the roses more clearly. Sometimes to see the numbers you have to get things in better focus.

Who can count snowflakes though? Great big fat ones were falling here today and Ma tried to get their picture but all she got were the plants in our kitchen window.

Somethings are beyond human capacity that’s why we canines never bother counting unless it’s munchie.

Blessing # 991 – Crunching

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