Wagging Tail- 293

Like 100 million others in the USA we’re caught in a snow storm. We aren’t that bad but when things go to a Level 2 you are meant to go out only on essential business.

I had some of that to do of course so Ma and me went out with Auntie Denise as usual and I got snow balled.

Dad hates that because it messes up the carpet as those big lumps take time to melt and when they do they leave big wet spots behind.

Ma was meant to work but that got canceled so we stayed home and vegged.

We watched a movie called The Dig. Sounded perfect but there wasn’t a single dog in it. How can you have a movie about digging and no dogs?

After that all we menfolk had a snooze and then when refreshed played pinky.

Now we’re watching a series called Bates Motel. Gory! At least there’s sausages and mash for dinner which is always comforting.

Blessing # 994 – Grounded

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