Wagging Tail- 294

Finding treasures and giving them second chances is the best bit of our little business.

Sometimes our little lovelies are all mucky but with just a little soap and a toothbrush they can be transformed. We’re discovering new techniques all the time. Like this weekend we cleaned up a little kids lamp and even washed the lampshade that had a water mark and other stains. It turned out great!

Sometimes it takes a little more work. Maybe a nip and tuck or a little bit of paint.

Other things may need no work at all. All they require is finding the right home. Some people prefer and value certain signs of age.

In our thought for the week this morning we asked what you might be able to make beautiful again!

All of that depends on how you define beauty.

Take me for example. In my Mom’s eyes I am the most beautiful soul in the world but she still likes to trim my hair so she can see my eyes. We all, as this wise lady said, just need to see the good in ourselves and others.

Blessing # 995– Touch Ups

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