Wagging Tail- 295

We got more snow overnight so everything looks real pretty even if it has invaded our screened porch.

Ma said I was having a lot of dreams last night must be because the snow makes everything so silent. She said she heard me make my dream barks that are like little squeaks. Of course I can’t confirm this as I was snoring.

Ma said I must have been chasing scary monsters. So we made one this morning!

It’s really deep our snow right now and comes to the top of Mum’s boots.

She says that’s why we can’t walk off the road track otherwise it drops down inside and wets her feet. It’s great for dry cleaning our outdoor furniture though.

It’s also very bright outside so we opened the curtains to let the sunshine in and it was so cosy I had a good sleep while

Ma and Pa were zooming.
They were learning all about Buddha. He seems like a regularly good sort of dude. A bit like myself. Wonder did he dream under his tree.

Blessing # 996– Zen

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