Wagging Tail- 297

I’m so glad I’m a guy. You don’t have to fuss with hairstyles and clothes. You know there are now sites all about canine couture and coiffure!

Men like me just get up and give ourselves a good shake and were ready to roll. It’s hard to beat perfection!

All the pinky stuff is fine by me I’m even attached to some of it. It’s also OK with me though that Ma takes it away to sell provided she leaves by piggy.

I can even handle a girls day out provided there’s a good walk involved.

I’m writing early because that’s just what we’ve planned today. I’m super excited at the prospect of a two hour road trip north to Auntie Laura’s. We love her!

She has a menagerie of critters and all her canines are going to take me sight seeing around her little town. I’ll leave a few postcards just to show I made the trip!

Blessing # 998 – Sisterhood

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