Wagging Tail- 298

It was a glorious day for our trip up north. We felt like we were on vacation.

We had a little picnic on the way and took a few pics before we got to our destination.

We were really good and kept our social distance from Miss Laura and her brood but we sneaked in a very quick hug for her and her daughter Laurel and lots of cuddles with her three pooches.

We did a BIG walk around her town as it was a balmy 37F (+2C). We dreamed we were in Connecticut. I’ve never been there but Ma and Pa lived there long long ago.

They loved it so and miss all the people and places they knew there like the bandstand on the green!

The area where Laura lives is called the Western Connecticut Reserve so go figure a few settlers had the same idea as Ma.

We felt so happy to see our dear hearts and to have the hope that someday soon we can give them bigger hugs and even kisses again.

In the meantime we exchanged some early Valentine’s Day gifts and good wishes.

Blessing # 999 – Loved Ones

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