Wagging Tail-300

Ma and me have started following the Biden canines on Twitter. Their cat is there too but we’re not so interested in felines. Champ and Major are taking a lesson from my book and issuing press releases. They do say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

FOLTOS was on with them this morning taking about the importance of paw people during the pandemic. We got a glimpse of their house. It’s seems a little empty. Maybe they haven’t moved all their things in yet.

There’s a lot more signs of animal life around our place.

We felt reassured that we’re in good company when we got a peak inside HRH The Princess Royals place this morning.

She’s happy apparently that Scotland beat England at the Rugby yesterday.

Her place looks likes such a good place to live. Makes you feel you could feel right at home there. Hope she’s cheering for Ireland now!

Blessing # 1001 – Inside Insight

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