Wagging Tail-301

My Mom was having a rant this morning when we were out with Auntie Denise. She does that from time to time! I just listen and look serious!

She checks the British news in the morning and is often shocked that so little of what is happening in the world is reported by the US networks.

Today was a typical example. There has been a major dam burst in India caused by a glacier slip. It’s all over the British papers and news stations and of course in India too. Many people have died but there wasn’t a word about it on the morning news programs here.

Why is that?

We get it that the Super Bowl was the headlines but not a single word about this disaster!

It’s understandable that there’s a lot going on in this country that is newsworthy and worrisome but a little consideration for global events might help people realize just how fortunate they are and how much they have to be thankful for.

Done! Rant is over. Benefit?

It makes Ma walk even faster than usual which is ideal for me on a freezing cold day. I need to lie down now! It was a footie frenzy!

Blessing # 1002– Exercising Empathy

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