Wagging Tail- 302

Ma and I had an adventure this morning. You’ll have to take my word for it as we hadn’t the phone with us to record the episode.

We were out alone as Auntie Denise was busy and had just started our trot when this big black dog appears in the road ahead of us. It was on the loose and ran away very fast.

There was no way we could catch it.

We walked on about a half mile until we met a man shoveling his driveway. We asked him had he seen the dog and he said he had but it ran away from him too.

We walked on and about a mile later a man comes past in a Jeep and asks had we seen the dog!

Yes! We explained where and he told us the dog is very skittish. Seems he’s his neighbor’s daughters dog and the neighbor had been doggy sitting and he escaped.

Yikes! Poor soul clearly doesn’t know his way home.

He gave us the dogs name and we said we’d call and give him treats and take him to our place if we found him. The man also explained that the poor pet loves to ride in a car so that would be the easiest way to get hold of him. We were two mile from home so far from our car!

We went on another mile towards home and low and behold who appears again but the big fella. Now we call his name. Again he takes off in the opposite direction. I promise you I didn’t squeak at him even once. Maybe if Ma had let go of me I could have caught up with him.

We get home and Ma is explaining to Dad when out the back window who do I spot but the big lad again.

Ma goes out and calls him by name. This time he looks around but you guessed it off he went galloping again.

So Ma abandons us, gets in the car and takes off after him but she couldn’t find him.

So she posted on our neighborhood watch site but no responses yet.

I’m keeping all front covered as I’m worried about that critter. I do hope he is found.

Please pray for the stray!

Blessing # 1003 – Lookouts

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