Wagging Tail- 304

As you know most mornings we meet Auntie Denise for our constitutional. We have a few different routes but our favorite is going to the park to see our flock of geese. They’re like family now!

Friends tell us they can set their clocks for when we three walk past their windows. We are nothing if not regular.

Ma tells me every day that she’s glad I rescued her as I not only give her lots of love I keep her fit and give her purpose.

Today since it was so pretty with more fresh snow we thought we’d get Auntie Denise to take our pics so you can see where we go.

After walking up the street to her house we head to a little secret shortcut carved through our neighborhood to the next. No cars pass there!

We then do a big loop round past Auntie Lori’s to the woods. Here there’s lots to sniff or as Auntie Denise says Instagrams to read from other critters. With the snow you see their tracks. Now I know what’s deer, bunny, squirrel or heaven forbid skunk before even putting my nose to the ground.

When we come out of the woods we hit the playground. It’s a lonely little place right now but soon the kids will be back as there are some mighty signs of spring with much birdsong.

Finally we reach our destination the pond. It’s mostly frozen right now but our big bird friends are still waiting for us. They’re faithful to us just as we are to them. We greet, they tweet and then we take the short road home!

Blessing # 1005 – Birds of a Feather

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