Wagging Tail- 305

Gong Xi Fa Cai my loved ones. The year of the Ox got off to an interesting start for me I had to rescue my dragon!

Last night at 11:15 the bro called. He’d done the closing at his bakery job and had come out to go back to his dorm but his car wouldn’t start. The Father took the call as the Mother and I had already been snoring for two hours. So of course the Father wakes us up.

What the heck Ma asks am I meant to do. We’re an hour from campus. So the bro calls his room mate Junior and he picked him up. Junior doesn’t usually sleep till 4:00 am so it was no hardship for him.

The car was then locked in the parking lot and the AAA told him to call this morning.

So bottom line for this auspicious New Year I got to go to college! How many canines can say that.

It was fun for me that ride out East but a bit stressful for my humans.

The poor car has been towed to the shop and hopefully will live to drive another day. Although the bro says that car is really a load of $#!¥

Blessing # 1006 – Bull

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