Wagging Tail- 306

This New Year is definitely throwing a few spanners in our works.

Ma was on duty last night at the store and while she was there someone broke one of her treasures. She was miffed about that because they didn’t say a word just left the poor little puppy lying on the floor with all his 1960s perfumed contents all over her carpet!

When she got home there was another disappointment. A lovely bunch of red roses were sitting in the kitchen window. Oh they’re lovely she said to the bro assuming they were for her. Oh they’re not for you he says they’re for my girlfriend she likes red.

I got off side!

This morning though there was blind panic. She took me for my first job when we got up and then after breakfast for a short trot as she had a zoom at 9:00.

As always I sat in on the zoom as I like hearing all those ladies chat. When that was over she was going to have lunch before setting off to one of her house clearance sales where she picks up more junk (aka treasure).

Before that she decided I needed another outing so I’d be comfortable if she was away for a long time. That’s when she nearly passed out. My rabies tag and my dog license tag had both disappeared.

Panic set in. We were retracing every step taken in the past 24 hours. The bro had to search the car and under the furniture. She did the bedroom where we’d had the zoom. Dad did the bathrooms and I even got in on the job with the kitchen.

No luck. So we had to set out and retrace ever outdoor step. She instructed us all to pray to the Saint of lost causes as apparently he can work miracles.

Sure enough he delivered. After ploughing through the snow in the back yard and finding nothing we eventually discovered the tags half a mile from home lying in the middle of the road.

They are a bit beaten up now as several cars must have run over them but who cares at least they are still usable unlike that poor little Scottie who spilled his smelly stuff.

Blessing # 1007 – St . Anthony

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