Wagging Tail- 308

We’re getting ready for a blizzard. Big snow is expected this afternoon. We’ve still got plenty already on the ground from the last storm. Enough in fact for me to make snowballs on my moustache.

I’m better off though than some of my friends who are lower to the ground, as a message from Auntie Phyllis reminded me this morning.

Ma is worried because Dad has his second vaccine shot tomorrow and she doesn’t want him to miss it.

It’s on days like these that you sometimes you get reminders of people who are thinking about you.

When we washed the bedclothes this morning we got, as we always do, a reminder of Auntie Carol and all the love she put into making our patchwork comforter that keeps us snuggly at night.

We went on to wash a beautiful Aran Sweater that Auntie Helen made for Dad years ago. Ma has managed to conveniently shrink it to her size so she wears it often on our walks.

All these things, be they messages or material, just give you that feeling that all will be OK. No need to stress!

Blessing # 1009 – Heart Warmers.

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