Wagging Tail- 309

I’ve been busy all day helping my Mom have a great birthday. Auntie Carol put me in charge even though she’s far away. Her card features me as you can see!

We got lots of snow which the Mother loves and had a long walk in the crispiness with Auntie Denise.

It meant we were grounded but weren’t worried as Dads vaccine appointment was rescheduled for tomorrow as the clinic was closed. That was the frosting on the cake.

We had a few little hiccups with internet connections so I had to reset the modem a few times.

Eventually it stabilized and all the messages from family and friends got through including a singing one with Dolly Parton!

I’ve then had to endure a few chick flicks including one called Dumpling in which Dolly featured prominently which was kinda cute.

Ma said it made her think of all the girls she knows from across the miles and the years that she was in touch with today. Nothing in the world like a good girlfriend except of course a dog like me!

Blessing # 1010 – Dolly Day

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