Wagging Tail- 310

We got more snow today. It was a balmy 20F or -6C this morning.

The good thing about that is it’s warmer on the tootsies so I got a longer walk!

It’s not all joy though. The project has sprung a leak. All was well yesterday when we were there except there was so much snow a tractor had to be hired to clear out the parking lot.

Today we were grounded because of the snow but Paula was there as she lives local and found the leak.

It’s coming from the upstairs back porch where the ice is melting fast because we now have heat going all over the place!

It’s bad but it’s not Texas. You gotta get things in perspective.

In the meantime a space craft has landed on Mars. It’s colder there than here but only just!

Don’t you ever wonder why we don’t fix earthly issues before starting more on other planets.

Ma says that’s how she now feels about her project. Why the heck could she not have been content with what she had.

I told her to chill. As you can see she has left me maimed with another chopping session.

No one say I look like a Martian or I’ll take a chunk out of you too!

Blessing # 1011 – Thawing

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