Wagging Tail 311

When you are feeling a bit anxious Ma says the best thing to do is get up and get going. Carpe Diem!

That involves getting on your brightest clothes if your human and hitting the road as quickly as you can to confront the worst fears.

Such was this morning. We headed to see the leak at the project as soon as it was light.

This was good news for me because I got to go along and had a big ride in the car.

Second benefit we stopped along the way at the lake. The beach was closed and the lake totally frozen. Not a soul around as you might imagine. So total freedom.

That’s me way out in front.

Next up when we got to the project we found the drip had stopped dripping

We also found a ball for me to play with.

The problem isn’t solved it’s just that the temperature has fallen so much overnight whatever was dripping has solidified.

That means another trip on Sunday when it’s set to warm up a bit and on Monday maybe to start work on finding the solution once some of the mountain of ice and snow is gone.

Blessing # 1012 – Refreeze

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