Wagging Tail- 318

Ma reads a little verse most days if she doesn’t forget or skip because she’s too busy.

Yesterday she had time but her verse got her a little teary. I took care of that though like a guardian Angel.

The verse reminded her of Canon John Bell one of her life lights. He used it often to dismiss his flock on a Sunday morning from Holy Trinity Parish Church in Ballylesson.

My bro loved the good Canon too as he was always funny and kind. He told great stories about Ireland and could speak Gaelic which sounds so strange and special. The bro even visited Trinity Dublin the Canon’s alma mater last time he was in Ireland.

So Ma sent the verse to the bro as a reminder of the Canon.

It’s not the sort of message she would usually text him. Most of her missiles run along the lines of « where are you » « what time do you want your dinner » « are you awake yet» « don’t forget your dirty clothes » « answer me » etc.

The lesson with yesterday’s verse said to be sure to tell those you bless you’re doing it. They might need to hear it and it’s always good to know.

That’s what I do often with cuddles as warm as a big furry coat.

Blessing # 1019 – Shining On

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