Wagging Tail- 317

Ma didn’t sleep well last night and so inevitably neither did I. She ate way to much chili and tortilla chips to calm her nerves and that gave her spicy tummy aka indigestion! You should have heard the burbs. Frightening!

We told Auntie Denise the whole tale of the car this morning when we met for our trot. Why on earth didn’t you call me last night Denise asked. Ma explained she wasn’t thinking clearly and thought Aaron was coming home to stay but he went back to work as he was on closing duty! I blame the paint fumes! Denise said she’d take Ma to the car immediately.

So we swung into action as soon as we got back. Ma called the garage, they said they’d come put the spare tire on and then we could take it to their shop to get the tires done.

That spare tire is really something. It is flat as a pancake but has its own little electric pump that blows it up to full size. You need to plug that pump into a cigarette lighter which we discovered doesn’t work in our car. Fortunately it worked in Denise’s truck.

The rip in the tire was impressive. Everyone marveled that the car didn’t grind to a halt immediately. Minor miracle it got off the highway with no incident in all the rush hour traffic.

Now the car is in it’s hospital and we are home catching up on rest. It’s sunny and we are lying on the bed taking it easy and bantering for you.

We used our time well though. Our little bedside clock had packed up and we’d put it in the trash. Yesterday though Ma had recouped it as she was putting the trash out for pick up. Dumpster diving your own rubbish is a very grave condition almost as bad as spicy tummy.

She said she’s fond of the timepiece’s gentle sound and demeanor and thought one day when she had a moment she take it apart and give it a clean inside. Well that moment came sooner than expected as we had plenty of free time today. So too it would seem has the clock. It’s back ticking.

Hope the car will be too! In the meantime I’ll take another little nap.

Blessing # 1018 – Repairs

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