Wagging Tail- 320

Ma follows a cooking group started by a Northern Irish chef during the pandemic. People mostly post baking recipes but sometimes meal suggestions pop up.

This morning there was a post for a very traditional Northern Irish dinner. It was composed of champ, in other words creamy mashed potato loaded with scallions and butter, peas and vegetable roll. The later is a sausage like composition that is unique to the province.

The very look of it made poor Ma homesick. She is longing to have some along with a good Belfast bap! Thats bread to the uninitiated.

Fortunately it was pouring today so she felt really like she was back where the grass is greener.

We stuck up the Saint Patrick’s decor to help her mood as well.

Worst come worst well hit wild foods as well so she can get those special cookies you need to make Belfast Oreos.

I’d yummy one of those myself in the meantime I’ll look forward to that concoction of carrots, potatoes, onions and beef she’s thrown into the crock pot.

Blessing # 1021 – Stewing

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