Wagging Tail-321

Ma has been busy at the project all day painting. I told her I could help but she said I could get mucky and that paint is hard to remove from paws and fur coats.

She’s planning to get me a gate at the house so I can come to work and be safe while she’s there. She’s afraid if someone opened the door I could be run over by traffic so I’ll be restricted to the Oval Office!!!!

We’ve been looking into the history of President Harding’s dog Laddie Boy who lived across the street from our Tea and Treasures House. He was the most famous dog in the world in 1920 when his Dad won the election.

He had to move to Washington and lived in the White House like the Biden boys and he was always in the newspapers with the President just like they are today. No dog had ever been so popular.

He really was the very first First Dog and like the current guys very much loved.

He was so loved by his Dad and Ma that people said they treated him like a child. All the people of the USA loved him too and made a life size statue of him that is in the Smithsonian Museum in DC.

They also made about 1000 miniature statues that are now rare collectibles so we’ll be looking out for them on our treasure hunts. Wouldn’t it be great to have one in our place?

Don’t you think I bear a ressemblance to the famous canine particularly around the eyes when I’m gazing longingly for my Ma to get home.

Maybe that’s why Ma was so drawn to this house. She might sense a little history in my genes.

Blessing # 1022 – Deja Vu

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