Wagging Tail- 322

It’s splendid here. The sun is splitting the sky. It’s still freezing at night though. Shame I had to stay indoors most of the day as herself was painting AGAIN!

I’ll have to resign myself to this for a while but when I do get out I’ve started to demonstrate one very masculine behaviors; kicking back my heals and looking fierce when I do a job!

There’s signs of male activity in the yard too. The young bucks are out in force noshing our grass as fast as it’s growing.

Since I can’t get out to chase them I entertain myself chasing my toys around the house and growling at Dad when he tries to take them from me.

Wonder do humans get all fired up in spring too.

What do you think? Thanks Is it Love in the air? Or is that just the smell of paint!

Blessing # 1022 – Heating Up

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