Wagging Tail- 325

Ma has started to empty the garage and take her treasures to the store. Praise the Lord.

Of course since the car was loaded to the gills I had to stay home again.

She’s super happy since she got to do her favorite thing; arranging her little beauties and its Friday her favorite day to boot!

We are celebrating by having Fish Fry. The Catholic Churches here do this ever Friday in Lent as a major fund raiser for missions.

We are planning to try out as many as possible over the period. Tonight we’re testing Saint Michaels.

There is a super long line to get it so it must be good.

Regardless I got to ride along to get it and sniff it all the way home by the riverside

No doubt in there are even more little fishies getting big.

Blessing # 1026 – Super Saintly Suppers

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