Wagging Tail-326

Ma says there are some advantages to being ancient. You get your vaccine quickly.

The 60+ group became eligible for the vaccine on Thursday and Ma immediately got a message from Ohio Health to select a date for her shot. She choose the earliest available. This meant a little road trip today. Sweet.

We went to Kenton about an hour and a half from home. We could have waited and found a closer place but it was like a mini-vacation for us today.

We wizzed through the farmland seeing the big silos that will soon be filled with the grain starting to give a green hew to the fields.

We then hit Amish country and saw something really strange.

Plastic bags dangling on pipes from huge Maple trees! What on earth was this?

We had to take a pick for you as only seeing is believing.

Looked a bit like a drip but maybe we were too hung up on medical magic and getting that needle in the arm to think straight.

Shouldn’t have given it a second thought. It went as smoothly as silk and we were back on the road without a minutes wait.

Blessing # 1027 – Syrup Shot

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