Wagging Tail- 329

I wondered why we had to watch the same program twice when the interval between the first and second viewing was less than 24 hours.

That’s what we did last night.

Ma was so mad on Sunday when she watched “Meghan and Harry with Oprah” that she felt she had to listen more carefully and with more compassion the second time around. I paid attention too.

Now this is going to be controversial but I tend to agree with my Ma who feels it was a terrible thing to do to the Queen whom she admires greatly for her ability to keep her chin up and carry on even in dire circumstances

If you love rescuing things be they chickens or puppies how come you don’t have compassion to rescue a wonderful 95 year old lady and her 99 year old hospitalized husband who have given their whole lives to serve their country particularly when they happen to be your grandparents?

Having been married to a person of color for the past 35 years Ma knows that racial inequality is real in this world but within a family even a royal family is this the way to address the issue?

Surely this could, as her Majesty just suggested, have been a matter resolved in private rather than on two hours of prime time US TV with Oprah.

Who benefits from this public airing of grievance? Will it elevate the extent of racial inequality? Will it help the monarchy or be the final jewel in The Crown!

Thank goodness her Majesty has her new Corgis to give her the love she deserves.

Blessing # 1030 – Mercy

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