Wagging Tail – 331

Ma was watching Miss Pudgy Picker this morning to get ideas for the tearoom and for her antique booth.

Miss Pudgy Picker is an Ohio based expert thrifter and she guides on pricing and the items that sell well in her own antique booth.

This morning one of her little dogs was in the video too and I think that got Ma thinking she’d neglected me this week.

I kissed her just like Tater kissed his Ma and so I got to ride along with her to the tearoom and then we did some shopping.

I saw big Brian who is going to help with some finishing touches and make a hole in the wall for the plumber. Things are now starting to progress well at the project over the past days since I last inspected. Ma has been working hard.

I especially like the staircase Brian built. He’s a nice dude and of course has a puppy too.

Our shopping went super well too and we snagged some good deals including a original piece by a local artist called Vivian Ripley.

The frame is a bit dodgy but you know what a lick of paint can do wonders. Just like a kiss.

Blessing # 1032 – Kindred Spirits

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