Wagging Tail-332

I was hanging around minding my own business this morning after my trot when Ma took to tornado tempo.

Poor Dad hardly had time to down his coffee and we were shoved into the car.

The plumber was ready to swing into action and so was the electrician so we were off bright and breezy to the project.

Herself had a fit of panic about two this morning. The refrigerator she’d planned on buying would fit in the space for sure, she’d measured that right about a million time but would it go through the door? This is an old place and doors aren’t your standard openings.

Heavens what a close call that was. The door opening was three inches short of the depth of the fridge. Saved by insomnia.

Once we had that squared off and the electrician had blessed the placement of the power outlet for the said chiller we took off for downtown Columbus.

Our destination my dear friends deserves a DRUM ROLL nothing less than Restaurant Equippers Inc!!

The order was placed for a three well sink, workbench and a refrigerator that would squeeze through the door.

We even left with a hand sink in hand so to speak. Never has the saying they even packed the kitchen sink rung more true.

Happy Days

Blessing # 1033 – Awakening

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