Wagging Tail-334

Our clock sprang forward this morning. Didn’t make any difference to me but when Ma and I went out for our usual trot there wasn’t a single soul about.

So I got to run free and then all of a sudden we happened on the local deer herd. They were grazing away in a neighbors yard. Must have been their breakfast time and of course they don’t understand clocks like I do.

I took off like greased lightening after them. They split into two groups. I didn’t catch the first lot so I circled back to give it a second shot.

I went totally out of sight of Ma who was a little panicked but in about five minutes we met up again.

She didn’t let me run free again. Said I had to stay close as her heart almost stopped.

Like the deer the bro has not adjusted his clock. He emerged from the basement after midday.

He’d been working late so I can excuse his tardiness but it is so good to see him.

I just kick up my heels when he’s home even if I hardly recognize him any more.

Blessing # 1035 – Wild Ones

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