Wagging Tail-335

When Ma and I got up the sun was rising. That meant we were a good hour later than normal. It was real pretty.

Just as well herself had that extra snooze. She had plans.

The trot over she left me to care for Dad and headed off to rip up carpet. I couldn’t help because the gripper rods could hurt my paws.

The plumbers were are the project putting holes in walls and such like for her sinks. They turned out to be real helpful too.

Seeing her ripping the carpet and then cutting it into pieces one of the big guys brought his knife. In a shot the carpet was in manageable pieces. Would have taken her ages.

When she set to taking up the gripping rods the guy went to his truck again and got a crow bar. He then ripped them up before you could say Jack Robinson.

Next up he brought her a tool she’d never heard of before a collar claw. He showed her how to use it to take up the tacks and low and behold the job she thought would take days was done in four hours.

Her wee hands were a big mess. Broken nails, dry and a bit bloody but after I gave her a good once over she said she felt much better.

We’ll be painting tomorrow and since I was so helpful I’m going along for the ride.

Blessing # 1036 – Equipped

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