Wagging Tail-346

Ma took me with her today to show me all the progress.

We zoomed past the sausage shop which was sad but i almost snagged a tea bone bone in the parking lot of our store that someone how made it’s way there. Cayote?

Inside I admired the progress.

This now includes the new industrial fridge that just just opens without touching the hand sink. It’s a tight squeeze in that little kitchen but sure all she’ll be doing is make tea and assemble treats.

Our car needed a refreshment too this afternoon. It was super low on gas.

I told her to stop as we passed a lot of stations but she said she could squeeze another twenty miles out of it to get gas ten cents cheaper.

I was biting my nails when The you cannot go further light came on but she made it. One day she’ll run out of steam.

In the meantime we’ll just keep on singing one of her old favorite songs.

Blessing # 1047-Running On

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