Wagging Tail-347

I’m exhausted. We have been on the go since dawn.

After a trot round “The Retreat” aka the block we hit the road.

Ma was getting her second shot. I just wish she had to get ten as this is fun.

The injection done we spent big at Goodwill a whole $28 or as my Dad says 2800 cents. Lots of candle sticks, pictures, photo frames, a gigantic salt and pepper set, magazine rack, basket and of course since Dad was there books! This time for resale!

We were hungry after that so noshed down some MacDonalds. They are not very imaginative my parents it’s always the same take away! They share though so I shouldn’t really complain.

We stopped on the way back in a little town called Mount Victory. It’s basically a street of antique stores. Ma does not shop much in such stores she just snoops to get ideas.

We then stopped at a flea market in a place that sounds like an onion Byhalia and she bought a lamp shade.

By now I thought we were heading home but no! Onwards and upwards to the capital city Columbus.

A guest house was being totally remodeled so current fixtures and fittings were for sale. We didn’t spend a cent but well be back tomorrow when there is 50% off. OKEE

Blessing # 1048 – Full Days

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