Wagging Tail-350

The car was back in the shop again so Ma didn’t get to the project today.

The hydraulic on the trunk that helps it spring open and stay open had broken so it felt like lead. Poor thing has been overworked. It’s divine intervention telling her to quit buying junk.

Since she didn’t know quite how long the repair would take she left me home with Dad to watch and wait!

Before that though we had a great flurry of activity.

Deer in the yard.

Squirrels going crazy. Chipmunks making apparitions

Birds doing dances and kissing each other in mid air. We’d never seen this before and didn’t get a pic but you get the feeling!

You name it everything was frisky.

I will be too.

Since the garage is half way to the local Amish store herself is back with a load of deli meats and cheese.

Now let’s walk and then we can yum yum some.

Blessing # 1051 – Sprung Back

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