Wagging Tail-349

Ma is as mad as a hatter. Absolutely fuming. I had to tell her to get wine when she came home just now.

First disaster of the day she ordered her menu cards on vista print only to discover she’d made a mistake on the phone number and on the alignment of her images.

She had a online chat with vista and they were super helpful. They cancelled the order and gave her a credit she can use to order the new and improved version. She planned to work on final touches and reordering tonight but is too mad to concentrate.

The window cleaner who had been out last week to give her an estimate arrived at 9:30 this morning. He wasn’t cheap to begin with but then the trouble started.

First, he said he couldn’t do the inside bits of the downstairs windows between the panes as the screens were screwed in and misaligned. Well shouldn’t he have seen that before?

So Ma asked him to do another estimate excluding the downstairs as she could clean the inside and outside of the windows herself she didn’t need him for that.

He gave her the revised estimate and assured her he’ll do a great job upstairs and so one hour after arriving he starts.

Not half an hour later he’s back. Says it’s taken much longer than he anticipated and that he can’t do the upstairs for what he estimated and in addition all the windows need caulking before cleaning.

By now Ma has lost all confidence so she says she just wants cleaning not caulking. He then says he’s not willing to do the job without caulking.


He leaves and says Ma owes him $50 for the one window he cleaned.

She took her anger out on some dirty siding. She scrubbed it till it was gleaming. Better than any power washer my Ma when she’s in a mood like this.

I tried to amuse her by squeaking pinky but she was having none of it so I am pretending to sleep till she cools down.

Blessing # 1050 – Steaming

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