Wagging Tail-353

Another day another road trip to the project. YES! I love it!

Ma and I were deep cleaning. All that’s in a space that needs no more work is now sparkling. That Murphy’s is great stuff!

Ma says there’s another Murphy’s that she’d kill for and that’s even better but it could make me feel too frisky or even knock me out!

After work we went to the lake and discovered three young men playing frisbee.

This looked like great fun. Seems it’s the new golf. We’d not heard of this before but the guys told us it’s taking off like crazy.

Such a fabulous idea. You can play it anywhere and get all that good air your lungs.

Better still it’s so dog friendly. I’m going to have a word with the bro. I’d caddy that frisbee for free.

Blessing # 1054 – New Game

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