Wagging Tail-354

We saw a sad sight on the trail this morning a poor dead bunny. It was a big one too must have been taken out by a cayote. Or maybe, like Benjamin, it had been on the salad and was having a snooze.

Fortunately we saw another equally as big a few steps further along bounding along like billy-o. The species is safe!

Bunny’s are really big around here at Easter. They come in all shapes and forms. Fluffy, stone, glass, metal, ornamental, toys, you name it it can be bunnified.

Ma had been trying to sell some at the store with limited success. So far only one furry one has found a new home.

She’s hopeful though that this cute planter might disappear today as she’s moved it to the most prominent position.

Unlike other parts of the world no one seems interested in eating the real thing here but chocolate and cookie consumables abound. Not sure I’ll be having any though as « chocolate is not good for you Scooby » according to her highness.

Oh well no doubt there’ll be some delight in store if I keep her sweet for the rest of the day. No lettuce though thanks all the same!

Blessing # 1055 – Cuddly

One Reply to “Wagging Tail-354”

  1. Ici les chocolatiers s en donnent à cœur joie, il y en as de toutes les formes grandeurs ou couleurs .
    J adore cette période de l année.
    Happy Easter


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