Wagging Tail 356

We were up and on the road before 8:00.

The sun was just rising at the beach when we stopped to let me get comfortable.

It was a brief séjour. On we went to the project.

I had to stay in the car as herself was ripping up the last carpet and that meant naughty nails were everywhere. Fortunately she removed all the art work from the car or I wouldn’t have been able to move..We’d brought a mountain of it to the house today.

She got on so well with He carpet lifting that we went to get paint to replace it. This floor is going to be white as it’s Ye Olde Homestead Kitchen.

She’s not fussing too much about it so we got back on the road home by 4:15 with a little stop at the graveyard for a trot.

I feel happy that we’re seeing progress every day and that I’m part of the adventure.

Blessing # 1057 – Whiteout

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