Wagging Tail-355

What a beautiful day it has been. Glorious sunshine and some warmth in the air too. Ma has been singing along to YouTube since we got up. I just sit up and put up with it.

She is missing being home in Ireland at Holy Trinity Ballylesson where Easter is always beautiful.

She got a good pic of the place though from the HTB website to reassure her it’s still there.

She misses the expanse of daffodils in Ireland as you can see in this lovely pic of our little Luna taken yesterday in Co Down.

Chuffed though her own little patch of daffodils have lifted up their heads again after the frost. Some are snipped and brightening up our home too.

We have been sampling cookies or as the Brits call them biscuits. We’re selecting the best for the tearoom. A cup of tea and a plate of biscuits is a very British thing. Simple as it seems it will be on the menu. I’ll hold on the tea but those nomnoms are yummy.

Mom was delighted today that she got a very special Easter egg for her venture. It’s a beautiful silver water jug.

Pastor Dave, who is one of my greatest admirers gave it to her this mornings. It’s all shining like a mirror and you can see inside it. A bit like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It will hold a pride of place at Tea and Treasures and be a memory of a fine Easter Day

Blessing # 1056 – Renewed

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