Wagging Tail-364

The fire chief came today to inspect. He found a few things to correct but said Ma could open as soon as she has her fire extinguishers attached to the wall at each exit. Another day another hurdle jumped.

After arranging her old books and toys in their place she went to the restaurant equipment store to get a few essentials. She was so excited she butt dialed about a hundred snaps.

Never seen anyone get so excited about sterilization tablets or plastic gloves.

My trots have been short today but you know that’s OK as it’s better than nothing and I see all her efforts piled up like Russian Dolls.

Our garage is now full of containers that had once been a mountain filled with treasures. They are stacked one inside the other and are all set for recycling tomorrow.

Dad keeps saying keep some keep some they’ll come in handy but she is so happy about having emptied them they are all biting the dust.

Blue skies ahead we hope for me and my shadow

Blessing # 1065 – Empty Boxes

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