Wagging Tail-363

We are saying it in pictures tonight.

Our front entrance takes you past our window with our bunny taking Tea.

Walking straight along the hall leads to our morning room with a little Asian theme.

If you turn left though you’re in the fancy dining room where ladies and maybe gents will take Tea like they did back in President Harding’s day.

If guests live it enough they might even choose to take a teacup or a teapot home! We have an abundance of both.

The two rooms are connected by the garden room with lots of treasures on display. Books have not yet been added that’s tomorrow’s task!

If you come in the side door you’ll see our pop up place where vendors can rent for a day or two to sell their wares.

This connects to the kitchen with lots of little items and leads back into the morning room. Full circle.

The only proof it’s my place? Well you guessed it.

Blessing # 1064 – Camera Talk

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