Wagging Tail-366

I’m on the banter early today.

Ma has been obsessing about scones. She can’t find anyone to make them for her and it’s impossible to find a real British Scone in Ohio. She so wishes her cousin Barbara was here.

She’d identified some authentic ones online that were priced at $15 for 16 scones so she decided to order them. They ship frozen. Well as you might expect with delivery the price went up to $30 so that’s close to $2 per scone. She’ll never make it at price.

So she took the bull by the horns (or the sultana by the scalp if you prefer) at 5:45 am and started baking.

I was like « didn’t you forget Ma I need to pee » but on she went. By 6:15 the critters were going in the oven.

She’s going to test them out on Auntie Denise and Uncle Mike just now and then on Auntie Laura and Auntie Paula this morning and finally on her Lily Circle who meet tonight. « It’s called a focus group » Scooby

Personally I give them five stars but you know me and my Mom are prejudiced when it come to admiration for each other. We’re kinda close like a good dough!

The good bit about this too was I went to work on an egg.

That stuff for glazing the tops didn’t go to waste it made a great brekkie for a man like me. I’m all set for a busy day!

Blessing # 1067 – Research

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