Wagging Tail-367

Ma and me had such a fun day.

First we made more scones. Our goal was timing how long it takes. We wolfed down a big one and worked it off with a long walk Auntie Denise.

Next up we went to the car repair shop as we now have another warning light on. This car is a bit like the project it’s a never ending repair job.

After that we headed to our project at Marion. We did a lot of bitty things like getting keys cut for the agent who’s going to list the apartment.

After that we had some fun in the graveyard. Beautiful spot

Our goal at this place, that is destined to be our regular walking trail, is to find the oldest gravestone. Today we did good. Someone born 1813! Can we beat that?

Those guys are long gone but are not kicking up the daisy’s instead they’ve produced very pretty little purple posies.

Must be down to all the good nitrogen supplied by guys like me or maybe by those avians who wander around like they own the place making such a racket.

Blessing # 1068 – Work & Play

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