Wagging Tail – 370

Just in from work. Crazy day.

We filled out a lot of paperwork for our foodservice license before leaving and then dropped it off.

Our car was loaded with more treasures so I sat up front.

Once delivered we went to get a trash can and signs that say things like « wash your hands ».

We came back to B&B T&T to clean and found the sign advertising our apartment rental was up.

We squeezed in a short walk and are now starving as we had no lunch so must eat.

First though here’s some extra special news! When we passed by the tourist center to tell them about our place we asked when the Harding Museum is opening. Wait for this:-

It’s scheduled to open May 12 that’s Ma and Pa’s 35 wedding anniversary. Now tell me is that’s not a gift? It should be Jade (hint hint) I believe would match the color scheme don’t you think?

Blessing # 1071-Coincidence

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