Wagging Tail-372

My Ma is off her rocker. She got up at five, took me for a pee, then took out the trash and got ready for work.

We left before seven. It had snowed. About three inches of the white stuff.

I thought she’d stop along the way for me to do the big job. No way. On we went. She had a hot date with the electricians.

Once they were up and running she got me in the car and stopped a few minutes later for me to do the necessary. She fell in the snow. Her bum was soaked.

Off we went in the direction of home. That I thought was a very short business day. No it wasn’t. She stopped at the doctors got her annual good girl check, swung round home, picked up lightbulbs, made a sandwich and took off again!

The snow was melting by now and the sky had turned blue otherwise I’d have been looking for groundhogs.

Back at the Tearoom the electricians had the floorboards up and we’re in the crawl space under the floor. Ma was close to a breakdown. They do say the darkest hour is just before dawn. I can attest to that as I saw it this morning.

Well the good news is they got what they had to do done and better news yet the bro took a spin by to see the place and took me home.

I was glad as I’d had just enough of work for one day and needed a little shut eye.

Blessing # 1073 – Circles

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