Wagging Tail-373

Saw a post this morning that’s so true. I don’t care what my Ma wears or which car she drives as long as I can go too. I wonder why they posted such a sad looking dog though for this message! Maybe he didn’t get to go.

I do get embarrassed by her dumpster diving at times. Last night she took it to a new low and recovered a little cabinet form my girlfriends trash. She says it’s perfect for her treasures.

So it was that I hung my head in shame as we took off for work this morning as I recalled the events of last evening.

soon lifted it as there’s absolutely no point in being grumpy for longer than a few minutes.

I was even happier on the way home when she stopped to get me snacks.

She bought cookies too and she couldn’t wait to dive into them as she was starving.

Big smile time as I got to share. Now just imagine if I’d taken a lump out of her earlier I’d be snacking on humble pie rather than Lemon Shortbread!

Blessing # 1074 – Wise Move

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