Wagging Tail-375

Coming back from our trot this morning Ma and me spotted two big boxes at our front door.

Had Santa come again since we’ve been so good we wondered?

Not Santa but Auntie Hema.

We couldn’t wait to open them. One was very heavy. It was filled to the brim with my Dads favorite Indian treats. For sure his sister loves him so. He loves her right back just as much. They are super yummy and all handmade.

The second box was bigger but lighter. It contained a gift so special it caused a little tear to appear.

Auntie Hema had made Mum a work of art for her tearoom. She is very gifted at embroidery as well as making snacks and had out done herself with this work of art.

Took he five months to stitch this beauty. So if you ever asked yourself what is Tea? It’s all these things.

You know what? We bros also got special pressies. Aaron got these big sweets called luddos and I got a chicken. He’s not a real chicken but he sure squeaks like one. My cousin Brian choose him specially for me.

We are all very happy, grateful and touched. We feel so loved

Blessing # 1076 – Gifts Galore

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