Wagging Tail-376

Usually when my Ma can’t get something to work she gets all flustered and angry. Today I worked on her.

I was like chill Ma breathe deep like me and trust that with my support all things are possible.

See the printer had been on the blink on and off for weeks and every time she’s gone near it she nearly put it through the window. The faint hearted would have fainted if they’d heard her.

Today after my good council and a trip to Church she felt equipped to tackle the technical trouble. She got it fixed without a single swear word.

The second bill she printed though caused a paper jam. Still not a single sound left her lips. She fixed that too.

The bro then returned from college first year finished already apart from the exams.

I am not confident the containment of her expletives will continue now he’s back as he’s already strewn his stuff everywhere but no matter I’ll love her still.

Blessing # 1077 -Act of Faith

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