Wagging Tail-377

I fear my days at the project may be numbered.

It’s warming up and now that everything is getting buffed and polished and the shelves are full Ma says I can’t come inside and chill as I once did.

She kept me in the car today as it wasn’t too hot but as the temperature is on the increase that won’t work.

We were able to chat today as herself was painting the bed head (aka as the sign). The abbreviated version of Tom Sawyer!

Just as she finished that and went to hang Auntie Hema’s work of art a handy man arrived to do some work for Auntie Paula and he brought his dog along.

We hung out for a while watching our humans and sharing how lucky we are to be canines.

These humans really don’t know how to live. All that fussing for what?

Blessing # 1078 – Dog Days

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