Wagging Tail-384

This is one really miserable day. Ma and I left very early for the Tearoom this morning.

She had to get the coving done around the restroom wall and the workman was coming to do it at 8:00. He did it real fast.

That’s when the trouble started. He took the screen window off that window that had sprung a leak last week and discovered that the issue is major.

Ma has now totally had it. It’s like there is no end to the problems. They just keep coming. Why on earth did she not just stick with zumba and her little antique booth rather than digging this hole for herself. The number of “if onlys » today I can’t tell you.

I took her out for a trot between torrents but it didn’t do much to cheers her up.

It’s tough to stay upbeat and positive even though she knows she very fortunate unlike that little girl cracking those stones. I try my best to help her and reassure her.

Truth be told today she’s not able to see a light at the end of this stinking tunnel and totally regrets ever setting foot in this ruin of a place.

I may have a solution when I get her home to help her!

Blessing # 1085-Tomorrow

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