Wagging Tail-385

Having a simple stay home day restores sanity. So I prescribed one for Ma and it worked.

The smile has returned to the her face at least for now.

We had a long walk in the sunshine before the rain.

She nuked some weeds and went to TMG with Dad and then did some Goodwill hunting. She didn’t bring her haul into the house though as it’s going directly to the store. Less mess for us.

We had a late yum yum nomnom for lunch followed by a deep and long slumber.

When we woke up at 4:15 we panicked briefly because it was bright daylight. We thought we’d overslept and must be late for something and then realized it was afternoon not morning.

Now we are going for another walk and Ma is making dinner as a treat for Dad who has been in the kitchen non stop for the past two weeks.

Blessing # 1086-Normality

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